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An average of 100 to 300 crypto projects appear every month, which we divide into 3 groups: scam projects or not really important projects (85%), good projects, in other words - "medium" (12%), "Prime Projects" (3%).

We choose only "Prime Projects", with the subsequent investment in them. Our team communicates with the creators of the project and conducts a dialogue on obtaining PRE ICO-conditions for Pool participants. ... More info

PRE ICO or pre sale is a pre-placement, usually unavailable to private investors, at this stage large investors involved. Pre-ICO is necessary for start-ups that don’t have funds to launch ICO (paid advertising, meetings, technical support, etc.). During the Pre-ICO, tokens are sold much cheaper (with a discount of 10% or more) than after the launch of a full ICO, but the entry threshold is usually calculated in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pre-ICO stage usually passes without any hype, in closed mode. ICO stage is an open placement of tokens for cryptocurrency, accessible to all. The project sells its tokens to all comers, participation is possible with small amounts. Usually there are no discounts at this stage or they are insignificant. The duration of a public ICO is about a month.

If the Prime Project chosen by us provides us PRE ICO-conditions, we invest in it (usually 1 to 3 projects per month).


To restore trust to the online love industry is the mission that Viola sets itself! But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Europeans don’t need much from the dating website, except of the absence of fake accounts, the problem of which is easy to solve by the blockchain. However, this sphere looks totally different in Asia. ...More info
Pre-sale bonus +40%
ICO tokens: 250 Million Tokens
Public Sale Start: 17 June at 8pm
Soft Cap: $ 1 Million
Hard Cap: $ 12.5 Million
Price: 1 VIOLET = $ 0.20
Status: Pre-sale
Based on: Ethereum
29 May
9 June
50 ETH
50 ETH
Время на сбор: ∞d 09h 35m
86.4/100Risk score

ICO Market Cap reached 5 billion in 2017. In 2017 ICOs gave profit up to 50,000% for experienced investors. Mangrove Capital Partners reports showed that the average profit on investments in ICO is 1320%. This is provided that even projects that are not realized are taken into account.

This is a huge market with great prospects, a great opportunity to earn, but also increased risks of losing funds, because of all ICOs in the last 2 years, only 3.8% were more or less successful.

Our team of analysts reviews, analyzes and structures information on hundreds of projects, offering you the opportunity to participate in ICO, even if you don’t have large amounts of money and don’t have skills and time to determine which of the projects will "shoot".

Our advantages

only 7% of the investment amount

Low investment threshold
participation in ICO from 0.2 ETH

We participate in Pre-sale
you get bonuses up to 70%

Affiliate program
get 1.5% of each amount of your referral`s investment