To restore trust to the online love industry is the mission that Viola sets itself! But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Europeans don’t need much from the dating website, except of the absence of fake accounts, the problem of which is easy to solve by the blockchain. However, this sphere looks totally different in Asia.

"Celibacy Syndrome", which is gaining momentum in Japan, gives us only an echo of understanding how much the Viola project can be actual there. Reading Whitepaper about families on the blockchain, the neural analyzer of compatibility, etc., it seems that it’s complete nonsense. But considering that the number of Japanese jaramiso (30-year-old virgins) has already more than a third, reading the news about marriage on applications, the popularization of sex dolls, you understand that in the Asian realities the Viola project has very different perspectives than it may seem from Europe. This is confirmed by early investors represented by Asian funds.

The project team has a lot of experience and accumulated big-data due to non-blockchain projects based on dating. On their basis the eco-system is being built, which is much more interesting than investing in a simple idea. A clear road-map, detailed Whitepaper, the repository is quite alive, freezing team tokens inspire us with confidence in the prospects of the project.

Of course, there are some concerns about the subject of competition, because there aren’t given much attention to the market analysis in the Whitepaper; it remains unclear what proportion Viola's prototypes had there. This niche is quite busy and dynamic, and the appearance of competitors with the same blockchain and neural networks is not far off.

Pre-sale bonus +40%
ICO tokens: 250 Million Tokens
Public Sale Start: 17 June at 8pm
Soft Cap: $ 1 Million
Hard Cap: $ 12.5 Million
Price: 1 VIOLET = $ 0.20
Status: Pre-sale
Based on: Ethereum
29 May
9 June
50 ETH
50 ETH
Время на сбор: ∞d 05h 35m
86.4/100Risk score