52 Quintillion Hashes per Second: Hashrate has Set a Historical Maximum

This week, the Bitcoin network reached a new record, which triggered calls from the crypto-currency community. The fact is that the hashrate bitcoin has reached 52 quintillion hashes per second. This is the first time that an asset has reached this threshold in its history.

According to the Blockchain.com resource, the capacity of the bitcoin network reached 52 quintillion hashes per second, beating the previous record. This figure is really impressive. For comparison, on the planet Earth supposedly 7 quintillion grains of sand.

A new record allows us to say that the growth of the network is exponential. The resource Blockchain.com confirms that over the past three months, the network has grown by 60%. In the middle of June, it was reported that a mark of 43 quintillion hashes had been reached.

Philip Heilberg, who is a well-known analyst, commented on this news on his Twitter account:

"Hashrate growth for BTC for last 3 months is 60 percent. Even assuming a 10 percent growth rate, it makes you wonder what sellers are thinking. Must be close to the bottom for crypto especially Bitcoin and litecoin"