A Branch of Another Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Will Be Opened in Malta

Now, another cryptocurrency company decided to open an office in Malta. As is known, the island state has recently got great popularity among companies that are engaged in activities related to digital assets and blockchain technology.

ZB.com opens an office in Malta

The popular trading platform ZB.com plans to open an office in Malta. Now, this crypto exchange is the fifth largest by trading volume in the world. The main objective of the branch will be the opening of offices in St. Julian, a city where a large concentration of companies is represented. Note that the news about the opening of the representation appeared almost immediately after such cryptocurrency companies as Binance, OKEx and DQR announced the launch of their offices in Malta.

ZB.com specialists are working on launch of cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as possible. After the launch exchange wil trade cryptocurrency for fiat money. Let's note that in case of realization of the conceived plans, the company will become the third in Malta (after Binance and BitPay), which will be offered similar services.

Jimmy Zhao, one of the founders of ZB.com, noted that Malta is one of the fastest growing and most promising countries in the world, in terms of cryptocurrencies, blockhchain and fintech industry. He also noted that they are very enthusiastic about this blockchain island.

Today, the government of Malta is working to enact legislation on digital assets. Despite the positive attitude towards this sphere, there is no clear legislation in the country regarding cryptocurrency. It is known that the law should be adopted by October 1 of this year.

Jimmy Zhao was invited by the Government of Malta

Previously, Jimmy Zhao received an official invitation from local partners, and was also able to meet with some government officials. During the dialogues, issues related to the cryptocurrency business in the country were discussed. According to him, the government of Malta undertook to develop and support the cryptosystem in the state.

According to the Coinmarketcap resource, the daily trading volume on the ZB.com exchange is 400 million US dollars.

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