Results Of The Week - How It Was?

The week turned out to be rich in events, let's recall the most memorable of them.

Of course - Cosmonautics Day. April 12 - bitcoin and most of the altcoins to the moon. A turn, an eternal growth and hopes for a repeat of the spring of 2017. We're joking, of course. All the channels were full of reports that the reason for the sharp rise for the bitcoin was the signing by 22 countries of a partnership agreement for the Single Digital Market throughout the EU. It was not clear.

The market works a little bit differently. If there is important news, so much affecting the price of the main cryptocurrency, then, usually, the market reacts first (read, big players), then news is out. Sometimes - within a few minutes. And not yesterday's news. The real catalyst for growth was the information that bitcoin was declared "halal" in terms of Sharia law. And this is neither more nor less - Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Muslim countries. We believe that the news is really worthwhile, and from the increase in capitalization, those who survived the cryptocurrency "winter" will only get profits.

The news is not particularly about cryptocurrencies. But the closure of the Telegram by Roskomnadzor in Russia, the place where Russian-speaking users dig (quite worthwhile, by the way) information about the crypto. Today or tomorrow, the law will be working. How will the life of a crypto community change? Yes, nothing. Either telegram itself will work it out, or VPN and other ways of circumvention, or extreme measures - other messengers (which is unlikely). Yes, some of them will possibly leave, but for the community this will not be a great loss.

By the way, on the background of the block of **Telegram**, it was possible to skip the law "On Digital Financial Assets," namely, the taxation of transactions related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. As in the case of Telegram - we will find out soon how it turns out.