After The Listing Of Bytecoin The Rate Raise in 133%

One of the largest exchanges Binance listed  the Bytecoin today on May 8, 2018. Currently the following pairs are available for trading BCN / BNB, BCN / BTC and BCN / ETH.

At this event, the market reacted with lightning speed: literally for a couple of hours the coin rate grew by 133%. Now it is $0.0162, which is very close to the historic high, which was fixed in early January this year - $0.0176.

The main feature of this coin is increased privacy. The code Bytecoin is open, its development began in the distant 2012. The coin is very common in the so-called "darknet" for understandable reasons. Capitalization of Bytecoin as for today is estimated at $3 billion, and is ranked 15th in the CoinMarketCap rating.


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