Asia Economy TV Launches a Blockchain Television Reality Show

As it became known, the plans of Asia Economy TV to start broadcasting a new television show, related to the blockchain technology. The new project will be called "Blockbattle - Who's Next Satoshi". The start of the broadcast is scheduled for October 19. The project will be attended by various development teams from around the world. Initially, it is planned to release five episodes of the program. Viewers will have the opportunity to participate in online voting to determine the winner of the competition.

It should be noted that since the creation of bitcoin and other blockchain projects from around the world, there has been quite a lot of innovation. According to the general director of Asia Economy TV, Hyun-Woo Kim, since October 19, the blockchain of the reality show Blockbattle will be broadcast on the channel. First of all, Blockbattle - Who's Next Satoshi will be a television program that focuses on attracting blockchain developers from around the world, so that judges and viewers can determine who exactly will become the next Satoshi Nakamoto. Developers who want to participate in the project must submit an application on the official site of before September 5.

Representatives of the Korean University, Dongguk University, Korea Branch Block Association, Open Blockchain Association and Korea Blockchain Association will act as project judges. Such judges as Damian Williams, Rayola Hwang, Roger Ver, Lee Shin-he will be judges.

The official announcement of the reality show Blockbattle says:

“After the screening, ten projects will qualify for the finals. They will go through a series of presentations, one-on-one battles, and other team competitions.”

Ten teams will receive mentoring from international experts in technology, business, law, marketing and finance.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain focus television shows on the rise

In the last few years, a lot of television broadcasts have appeared that are devoted to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Incidentally, not so long ago, a documentary about the first capitalization of bitcoin, was announced by the CNBC television channel. On the Japanese television channel Tokyo MX TV, a show called Bitgirls was shown. It used digital assets for voting. Also, TV show Startup shound be mentioned, which was developed by Sony Pictures Television and approved for three seasons. Last year, Youtuber introduced the launch of a similar show, which will be released on Roku, CW and CBS.

The first episode of Blockbattle will be on the air of Asia Economy TV in Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. In addition, the show will also be broadcast live on the Youtube channel "Coincast".

The creators of the project Blockbattle - Who's Next Satoshi in detail told that the viewers of the program will be able to vote in real time for the favorite team of participants. In addition, the developers will also receive various benefits and mentoring from the leaders of the crypto community.

“Votes will be reflected during the final episode, set for November 19th,” explains the Blockbattle producers. “The final episode will be broadcast live, and the winner will be announced based on the results of the voting.”

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