Atlas Protocol Held a Multi-Million Round

The Atlas Protocol (ATP) blockchain startup successfully completed the multi-million dollar investment round, led by SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC). In the course of this event, several million dollars were collected, but the exact amount is never to be disclosed. It is known that Baidu Ventures (BV), Danhua Capital and Fenbushi Digital took part in the round.

This startup was formed Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) in conjunction with co-founder Jide Technology and the "first engineer" Google Adwords Jeremy Zhao, as well as Professor Ronguy Gu from Columbia University. The latter act as advisors in the technical sphere of the Atlas Protocol project. This was mentioned in the press release of the company, which was presented on August 20.

In a press release, it was noted that ATP plans to create its ecosystem based on blockchain technology, as well as "to build a new paradigm of interactive marketing." In addition, ATP will allow "to rank the calculated values ​​on the blockchain and implement the transfer of value through tokens." All these tasks will occur using an application such as ATP Smartdrop.

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