Bitcoin Cash Has Processed Two Million Transactions Per Day

The Bitcoin Cash network was subjected to verification, during which BCH supporters "flooded" the network with a million transactions. According to statistics, over the last day, Bitcoin Cash miners carried out more than 2 million transactions. This allowed her to identify Ripple and Ethereum, where 1.7 and 1.2 million transactions were conducted, respectively. Now, statistics, which are displayed as the website, show that the BCH blockchain processed 2,060,041 transactions in the past 24 hours. The statistics also show that the Bitcoin Cash blockchain conducts more than 85 thousand transactions per hour and almost 24 transactions per second. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin Cash supporters point out one important point and analyze the network independently, using tools such as

Note that overcoming the mark of 2 million was also recorded on such sites as, and, which are focused on tracking transactions. In the Internet there are a lot of screenshots from such information resources as Blockchair, Coindance Cash, and Johoe's Bitcoin Cash.

Large block size

One of the reasons for the successful test is the use of large blocks. September 1, the miners for the first time surpassed the highest minimum block size, which was previously 8 MB. On the day of the stress text, there were quite a few blocks of 4-8 MB. For the first time, blocks were also developed, the sizes of which are 9, 10, 13, 14 and 15.2 MB. Processing of blocks which size exceeds 8 MB is carried out by such mining-pools as Viabtc,, Coingeek, BMG Pool, Waterhole,

Despite the fact that the 24 transactions received per second were an experiment, this figure in the Bitcoin Cash network largely occurs in the indicators available in the Bitcoin network. Here, about 3 transactions per second are carried out. In addition, instead of people not experiencing delays in work due to a ton of microtransactions and didn't call the event a "spam attack", the miners handling the blocks, without any difficulties, purged the membrane.

To all this, the commission for conducting transactions in the Bitcoin Cash network remained at a low level, in contrast to what happened last December in the bitcoin network.

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