Bitfinex is Justifying Themselves After a "Technical Malfunction"

Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, announced that they have restored their usual work after they encountered a "technical malfunction" on August 31.

The failure caused a wave of negative reactions in the crypto community. Most users are sure that behind the so-called "technical malfunction" lies the manipulation of the crypto exchange. On the official page on Twitter, the company published a series of tweets with a description of the problem and developer comments on this situation. A strange circumstance is that shortly before that, an announcement appeared on the network from BitMEX, which was subjected to a hacker attack, which slowed down the work of the exchange.

“The platform is encountering connectivity issues with one of the servers. As a precautions we had to suspend trading temporarily. We are working hard to have the platform return to normal operations as soon as possible.”

Bitfinex explained that their "technical failure" was due to the fact that the servers were restarted, so that the work of the auction was suspended for 60 minutes. But after this time, the exchange announced that the work was restored.

“Trading is once again live. We apologise for the downtime and wish you a happy Friday.”

In their blog, Bitfinex representatives said that they encountered the problem at 14:55 UTC, restarting one of the server servers, which is the main one for normal operation of the site. They stated that they had not lost any data, but this caused a delay in the maintenance of users and the suspension of trading.