Blockchain Can Solve The Health Care Problem In The US

Problems with the exchange of data and other, important information used in the health system of the United States of America, there is a fairly long time. As a result, patients experience certain difficulties when contacting a medical facility. It is worth mentioning that the problem is huge in hospitals, when doctors work, in state institutions and insurance companies. The blockchain technology can solve the difficulties that arise over the course of dozens of years.

Decentralized solutions can make information management in the medical industry as convenient as possible. Blockchain will allow all parties involved in the treatment of the patient to gain access to data encryption, where information will be divided and the changes tracked.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working on the creation of a blockchain project MedRec, which will allow patients to access personal information. Doctors and insurance companies will be able to update or modify data only with the permission of a person. Records will be kept from the moment the child is born. Thus, the information recorded in the blockchain will let the doctor know which vaccinations have been made throughout history.

The difference between MedRec and similar solutions is that the project implemented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is consumer-oriented, has a high degree of security and allows you to fully control the medical history.

Now, in the United States, a similar project is already used, aimed at exchanging information about the patient's condition, between different bodies. The network involved 800 thousand doctors, 117 dentists and 60 thousand pharmacies. Even this system, allows to reduce the probability of error resulting from incorrectly obtained data about the patient.

Many companies have recognized the fact that the use of blockchain technology will combine online catalogs of health care providers and supported insurance companies. Thus, blockchain technology will reduce transmission costs by 75%.


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