Boeing Corporation will Develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Blockchain

Boeing Corporation is cooperating with one of the companies in the field of artificial intelligence. The overall project is to develop unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as other equipment, using blockchain technology.

Earlier, the aviation corporation invested $32 million in the Texas company SparkCognition. Investments were made during the round of financing, conducted by the Texas company. SparkCognition will cooperate with Boeing on tracking unmanned aircraft, as well as flight management.

SparkCognition CEO, Amir Hussein, said that the aerospace industry is now moving towards creating a huge new market, the value of which is more than $3 trillion.

Note that Boeing is not the first aviation corporation, which is involved in blockchain projects. Earlier, Accenture announced that it will soon introduce a blockchain platform aimed at improving the supply chain in the aerospace and defense industries.

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