CEO of Fatfish Internet Group: Global Markets will Take ETF Bitcoin in a Few Months

Global markets can accept the trading ETF-bitcoin fund in a few months. This was stated by Fatfish Internet Group CEO, Kin Wai Lau during an interview on the CNBC channel.

Speaking on the show, which was dedicated to digital currencies, Kin Wai Lau expressed his confidence in the growth of the cost of the Bitcoin. So, he said:

“It’s a very strong wave; it’s driven by institutional demand, it’s driven by adoption. There’s lots of interest this time around — trading volume is several times higher than during the lows.”

Note that today the cost of the BTC is higher than $8,000. Experts assumed that the price of a crypto asset might fall due to the second failure of the Winklevoss brothers to launch their own cryptocurrency ETF-fund. At the same time, the cost has been preserved.

Kin Wai Lau believes that price recovery is a very positive signal for people who are interested in this sector.

The issuance of a decision on bitcoin ETF was accompanied by a comment by the Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Hester Pierce. She noted that she doesn't support the decision to refuse to meet the proposal, to change the rules that would allow the listing and trading of Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust securities on the Bats BZX cryptocurrency trading platform.

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