CEO of the Nasdaq Exchange: Cryptocurrencies Are at the Peak of the Hype

Aden Friedman, who is president and CEO of Nasdaq Inc., in an interview for Bloomberg said, that now cryptocurrencies are "at their peak" in terms of attention to them and are all chances to become one of the "The main financial elements of the Internet."

According to her, the company is studying destructive technologies and tools, including the digital assets market. A scientifically-oriented approach makes it possible to determine who is interested in cryptocurrencies. President of Nasdaq also said that in her opinion, the concept of digital assets allows thinking that they will soon become one of the main financial tools of the Internet.

In addition, the CEO of the Nasdaq said that cryptocurrencies are speculative assets that don't have a basis and goals for international trade. It assumes that as soon as the assets become more "mature," they will be more effective for trading. Today, it is not yet clear which coin will be the main one. The hype around the cryptocurrency market is explained by the large number of players on the market.

In an interview for Bloomberg, Friedman also discussed blockchain technology, stating that it is scalable. At the same time, scaling can't be the maximum. She believes that this technology has great prospects in the future.

"I really believe that blockchain technology is exciting and, at the same time, quite destructive. She has everything in her power to become the mainstream of many business projects."

Earlier, Aden Friedman said that the stock market could become the main platform for trading digital assets. At the same time, an important condition for this is the ability to regulate cryptocurrency at the legislative level.

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