CEO of the bankrupt exchange, Mark Karpeles, became a technical manager of the VPN provider

As you know, Mark Karpeles is under investigation in Japan, as in February 2014 from the exchange, which he managed to lose more than 850 thousand bitcoins. Many consider him to be a fraud and a squanderer, a criminal investigation is being conducted against him. But this fact did not prevent him from getting a job in the American company VPN-provider London Trust Media.

Representatives of the VPN provider commented this as follows:

"Yes, we agree that Mark fought and lost, but this cancels that he has his skills and experience that helped him, in his time, build such a business. We do not agree with the statement that the man who built the Titanic, does not have the right to build other ships in the future."

So far, Karpeles will work remotely, as he can not leave the territory of Japan while an investigation is under way.