CNBC "Buried" Bitcoin, and Brian Kelly Says the Opposite

American television channel CNBC, according to tradition, regularly conducts a review of the digital currencies market in Fast Money show. At the same time, in the latest broadcast of this program, presenter Melissa Lee reported that the new issue will be devoted to the "funeral" of bitcoin. Such a statement was made on the grounds that the dynamics of the digital assets market is not positive. Lee wondered whether it is necessary to monitor bitcoin in the future? Then followed a negative response.

As part of this release, the programs also recalled Tom Lee, Mike Novogratz and Bred Garlinghouse. The presenter reminded the viewers about their predictions. The fact is that earlier they claimed that the cryptocurrency will soon grow in value and reach a mark of 25-40 thousand US dollars.

Some people have already expressed their assumptions about the latest episode of the Fast Money. It is entirely possible, therefore, that the media decided to blacken the cryptocurrency market. In the context of the show, Brian Kelly also expressed his opinion. He interrupted the leader and said that "This is not the funeral for Bitcoin whatsoever."

In his opinion, today there are three factors that can contribute to the "resurrection" bitcoin. First of all, the mood in the market reaches a minimum level. Kelly expressed the hope that the "funeral" of the main cryptocurrency will be just a mark that can be referenced in the future.

The second factor Kelly called the situation with the regulation of crypto exchanges in Japan. Recently, the Financial Services Agency of Japan introduced new rules for the operation of crypto exchanges and required that any exchanges shouldn't allow further money laundering.

“For the short run, it is going to be a little tough because they are stopping new accounts from coming in. But actually they are cleaning up the system, they are making sure it is more robust, making sure it is better for people.”

Finally, as a third factor, Brian Kelly called the development of the case Mt.Gox. It was transferred to the status of civilian rehabilitation. This suggests that the trust manager, in the near future will not massively sell bitcoins.

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