Coinbase Is on the Facebook's Whitelist

Facebook surprised many when, on January 31, 2018, the largest social network, which is used by millions of people around the world, has banned the display of advertisements of the cryptocurrencies. Representatives of the network said that they can't show ads for unreliable financial products that are misleading. ICO and cryptocurrencies were classified as such products.

But soon, Facebook revised its policy and almost a month ago again allowed the display of cryptocurrency advertising, but the ICO is still banned. With cryptocurrency advertisements, it's also not so simple - before a direct publication they have to undergo moderation. It wasn't so easy to get into the "white list" of Facebook.

But Coinbase was able to pass all the checks and have already published the first ad on Facebook. Brian Amstrong, CEO of Coinbase, also noted that the advertisement will be launched in Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Audience Network, which though is an outsider, but publishes Facebook ads on various platforms. This will certainly help expand the area of ​​its influence to the cryptocurrency exchange, capturing new users.

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