Consensus 2018: Results Of The Main Crypto Event Of The Year

A famous party in New York called Consensus 2018 came to an end. And this means that it's time to lay out all the important events on the shelves, remember the brightest speeches and wash the bones of the participants. And do not forget about bitcoin: how did the conference affect its behavior?

Consensus 2018 is the world's largest event, which even the most ordinary crypto traders and investors dream of. It's not just a place where boring speakers are on the list with learned lectures, it's rather a place where the "giants" of the crypto industry (and not only) collided: hundreds of conflicting opinions, forecasts, plans, announcements and even a small dispute over the bitcoin. About this and not only we will now tell everything.

The price of the "precious ticket"

Long before the beginning of the conference, when tickets became available, there were people who were dissatisfied. It's all about price. One ticket was $2K, and the closer the start date of the Consensus 2018, the more expensive tickets became. Their sum soared to $3K.

It would seem that for the founders of large companies, founders of crypto instruments and investors, this is only a couple of pennies fo them, but in the ocean of those "earned by sweat and blood" conditions. But Vitalik Buterin decided to stand out, saying that he did not see any reason to spend such a sum on an ordinary conference on the cryptocurrencies. Judge for yourself, there were more than 8500 people at the conference, with a ticket worth even $2K, it's not necessary to calculate that the earnings were more than $17 million. Even if you take into account the costs of various costs, the sum goes pretty big,this gives the words of Buterin some meaning.

But even without his support, there was quite a lot of news on the Consensus 2018. Let's go!

New York claims the title of "Blockchein-capital"

His assumptions on this account shared by James Puckett, who is not the last person in the corporation for economic development in New York. By this he, in fact, opened the first day of Consensus 2018:

"The city pays great attention to the blockchain, strives to assess its potential for the development of various industries, in order to make New York even more comfortable for residents."

The new title also boasted the Gemini exchange.

Gemini became the first "Licensed Crypto Exchange"

With the words "Bitcoin is digital gold, and Zcash is digital money," Gemini's crypto-exchange shared the news about the Zcash listing. Is it surprising? Of course, since ZEC positions itself as anonymous crypto currency, anonymity here is not a bit, but a real one. With Zcash, you can do anything with the crypt and no one will ever know about it. The only question is: how will such operations be amenable to strict reporting, which is necessary for Gemini?

Unexpected cooperation between Amazon Web Service and ConsenSys

Amazon Web Service and ConsenSys are planning to launch a joint project "Kaledio". He will need to help more quickly launch corporate blockchains.

"We closely monitor Ethereum, because many of our customers are considering it, especially for enterprise applications. Working with ConsenSys will enable us to better understand the needs of our customers and help accelerate their focused efforts, "said the technical director of AWS partner programs (Matt Yanchishin).

President FedEx threatened opponents of blockchain with the bankruptcy

Fred Smith, best known as the president of a one of the biggest logistics companies FedEx, publicly admitted to love bitcoin and blockchain as a whole. He argues that there is a future for the bitcoin, and if companies do not understand this and do not support it, then it's time for their leaders to pack their suitcases, because they are unlikely to stay in business for a long time. This is not his direct threat, but only a warning, but it sounded rather frightening anyway.

By the way, there were many speeches praising the blockchain and the bitcoin, but what did you want? This is the same Consensus 2018.

Bitcoin-fever overtook former bankers JPMorgan Chase

Amber Boldet and Patrick Myland Nielsen (these are the same bankers) appeared with a statement that they are actively working on their project Clovyr. According to their description, this will be an online store for decentralized services and applications. But for the time being this has been corked up at the stage of attracting financing and searching for investors.

Fake protest

Enough about the bitcoin. Discharge the serious atmosphere with a small message about fakes. The crypto conference simply can not pass peacefully and calmly, otherwise it wouldn't be so interesting. A small group of people with banners "Bankers vs. Bitcoin" managed to amuse the people. This can hardly be called a protest action, because the "protesters" were not even against the bitcoin. All this was a beautiful (or not very) move, in order to show and realize how strong the blockchain and the bitcoin will dominate in the future.

This example may not have worked well, but it was fun. By the way, three supercars were also fake, pictures of which instantly flew around Twitter. It was supposed that these are cars of solid investors and owners of companies, but it was not there... it is nothing more than an advertising move. All three models of Lamborghini, which were adorned at the entrance to the Hilton Midtown in Manhattan, were leased and served as a hypothetical embodiment of how much sharks can earn from the crypto industry.

Bitcoin caused the bet

There is just a small bet, but who knows what will come out of it. Joseph Lubin and Jimmy Song in their performance on the stage made a bet. Song was just pushing a fiery speech about how good a bitcoin was when Lubin inserted his five cents (or rather, bitcoins), saying that he was willing to argue for a round sum of bitcoins in order to show that the previous speaker was wrong.

The amount of the dispute was not announced, but Song accepted the bet. What will come of this? We do not know yet. As Lubin wrote in his Twitter:

"It was fun. Stay in touch".

You also stay in touch with us while we preparing another portion of the hot news and inexorably falls in the price of bitcoin.


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