Crypto Market Added $8 Billion.

Crypto Market added $8 billion, because the price of bitcoin is in uptrend. Over the past 24 hours, the price of the main cryptocurrency continued to hold at around $7 thousand, which suggests that there is no further downtrend in the future, even despite the predictions of many cryptocurrency traders.

Nevertheless, many analysts predicted bitkoin drop in prices even before August 31. Such a negative outlook extended to other cryptocurrencies. Peter Brandt, a highly qualified trader on stock exchanges and the cryptocurrency market, said that for his 43 years of trading he didn't see any rebounds of assets or goods after an 80 percent correction in just two weeks of stability.

Many traders supported Brandt's position, saying that to maintain and hope for an uptrend, a longer period of stability is needed. The rapid restoration of bitcoin allowed the tokens, which were on a strong downtrend until August 31, to demonstrate a trend reversal and initiate a short-term move up. The highest efficiency was demonstrated by Dash, Verge, Monero and EOS, fixing a good profit margin in the range from 7 to 12%.

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