Cryptocurrency Miners Told About Hacker Attacks On Blockchain Verge

On Tuesday, May 22, Verge miners are massively announcing the problems that arose in the process of mining a digital currency. The blocks that they extracted were not accepted by the network or turned into so-called orphan-blocks. It was mentioned that Bitcointalk and Reddit users often expressed such a problem.

In turn, the SuprNova Mining Pool reports that Verge's cryptocurrency was atacked for at least 51%. Other mining pools, including Zpool, have completely suspended Verge mining for an indefinite period. Most likely, the process of mining a cryptocurrency will become available after solving the problem.

Comment on this issue was given by the developers of the digital currency. According to them, the existing problem is related to the DDoS attack on the mining pools through which the coin is mined.

Experts of the cryptocurrency market assume that the attackers took advantage of more sophisticated mechanisms and again, gained access to the vulnerability that was corrected last month. The problems in the Verge blockchain are also mentioned by the increase in the complexity of mining. By the time this material was written, the problem of complexity was gradually recovering.

Recall that a similar problem was in early April. Then, the attack of hackers was connected with errors in the code of the crypto coin. To fix the problem, the developers conducted a hard fork.


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