Cryptocurrency TRON Decided To Switch To Its Own Blockchain

Crypto currency Tron (TRX), which is moving confidently towards becoming one of the best representatives of the cryptoindustry, began its transition from the Ethereum platform to its own blockchain.

Today, Odyssey 2.0 was launched - the Tron matrix, whose task is to gradually move the cryptocurrency to the the independent network. Such a network at the moment is only at the stage of beta tests, where it will stay until the middle of June. The full life of the token in the new network will begin on June 25, 2018. This day the developers dubbed it as the "Independence Day" for Tron.

Investors have already managed to form their opinion on this matter. Many people tend to call Tron "Ethereum killer". But whether this is so will become known after the final migration of the token. Note that all users will be given a period from June 21 to June 24, when they will have to exchange their ERC-20 tokens to the TRX equivalent on the new blockchain.

"Our team has a high level of excellence, as we strive to become the generally accepted Blockchain. Moving the TRON protocol to its own network will allow developers to break away from Ethereum and open up new opportunities for better scaling, commercialization and express lines needed to develop global dApp applications, "said Justin San, who is the founder of Tron.

While the Tron was only known as an ERC-20 marker on the Ethereum network, will it help to move to its block system to set a new price level for the token, because even in connection with such a large-scale event, there were no sharp changes in the coin's value, as it usually does.

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