Deloitte: Blockchain Technology Is The Future

The new report, which was presented by the audit and consulting company Deloitte, said that blockchain technology can become a critical component for the retail and consumer goods industry. In their report, the company's specialists analyzed 50 potential situations, using a blockchain and suggested that the impact of this technology is huge.

According to the report, this technology can become a "standard operating technology in the field of finance, production and consumption of goods." The next five years, will be a turning point for those companies that will be able to realize that the future belongs to the blockchain. The report emphasizes that enterprises should assess the guarantee of strategic investment objectives.
The document, which was published, also deals with the substantiation of technology in three main areas - the consumer sphere, supplies, payments and smart contracts. At the same time, the main focus will be on business solutions. The document states the following:

"The final beneficiary will be the consumer. If the blockchain system can help in efficiency and cost savings, these benefits can be transferred to the consumer in the form of low prices. In the event that the unit provides transparency, such benefits can also be transferred to the consumer as safer products having higher quality."

The report also included data from the marketing company Gartner, whose specialists estimated that by 2023, the total cost of the blockchain projects would reach 175 billion US dollars. By 2030, this figure could exceed 3.1 trillion. dollars.

Focusing on retail chains, Deloitte says that blockchain technology will solve four problems: traceability, compliance, stakeholder management, and flexibility.

Earlier, the CEO of FedEx, specializing in the delivery of parcels, said that in the future, blockchain technology can become that key element that can bring the delivery of goods to a new level.

In turn, the world's second software company, Oracle, announced that it would offer blockchain-based solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. It is known that Samsung also intends to use the blockchain for its products.


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