ETF-Fund BlackRock will Invest in Bitcoin-Futures?

The world's largest exchange ETF-fund BlackRock announced the creation of a working group to assess the participation in reports that concern Bitcoin. This step is a continuation of the previous critical position of BlackRock in relation to digital currencies. Following the example of Goldman Sachs, the interbranch working group of BlackRock, among other things, will focus on investing bitcoin in futures.

It should be noted that the spokesman for BlackRock said that the company had been monitoring the technology of blockchain for several years, but didn't focus on cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has repeatedly informed the media that bitcoin - this isn't the asset that would interest him. At the same time, market experts suggest that Goldman Sachs will soon be able to present a number of products based on blockbuster technology, which they believe would be in consumer demand.

Most likely, the ETF-fund BlackRock can also follow this example, despite the fact that CEO Larry Fink described bitcoin as a "tool used for money laundering." Note that as of 2017, BlackRock had 6.3 trillion. US dollars.

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