Emi Yoshikawa: "We Provide Solutions That Will Help Banks Improve"

Ripple conducts a diversified policy, which in many ways is aimed at improving relations with banks and is also designed to help them become better. This was stated by Emi Yoshikawa in her last speech. She explained in detail how Ripple uses blockchain technology to improve the performance of the entire financial infrastructure in the modern world.

There were questions about many things, in particular, about the "Interledger Protocol" - a protocol that makes it much easier to work with "digital assets repositories", while isolating participants from failures that may arise in the process. The purpose of this protocol is to link banks and all kinds of financial services to one network, which will help to speed up the work and increase the transparency of payments.

Yoshikawa also responded to a couple of worrying questions about whether Ripple will worsen the situation in the financial sector. To such statements, she calmly continued to explain that the company's products provide new opportunities without prejudice to the old ones.

"People often think that blockchain provides a threat to the already existing financial sphere, but this is not always the case. We offer those solutions that will help banks become better, so that the latter can provide better services to their customers."

She also noted that many innovative banks are actively considering the possibility of using [XRP] to explore new horizons. A vivid example is the cooperation with Kotak Mahindra (Indian bank) and Ripple. Note that this is not surprising, because Asia continues to be the main market for Ripple.

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