Facebook Doesn't Plan to Use Stellar Technology

Representatives of the social network Facebook commented on rumors about the company's cooperation with the Stellar cryptocurrency project. In a statement made by representatives of the most famous social network, it says:

 “We are not engaged in any discussions with Stellar, and we are not considering building on their technology.”

For the first time, information on the possible cooperation of Facebook and Stellar appeared in the publication Business Insider. The published news said that representatives of the social network are actively discussing the possible creation of their own network based on the blockchain Stellar. Against the backdrop of this publication, Stellar rate increased by 10%.

Despite the fact that representatives of Facebook denied this news, the company is still interested in cryptocurrency projects. In particular, its specialists are actively studying the technology of blockchain. So, last month, the head of the engineering department of Facebook Evan Cheng, was transferred to a new position - the head of the unit of blockchain engineering. Note that before that, Evan Cheng was an adviser in several blockchain projects, including Zilliqa and ChainLink.

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