Fujitsu Launches A Blockchain Platform

Representatives of the Japanese IT company Fujitsu told that they will soon launch a storage system implemented on blockchain technology. The proposed system will be relevant for use by sellers, to refer to "traditional" promotional tools. According to a press release, which was published this morning, the system introduced in Japan can be integrated with the advertising activities of sellers working in shopping centers or tourist areas.

The system will allow processing and storage of transactions. Decentralization, will reduce the load on the data center and will allow much better analysis of information. The main task of developers from Fujitsu is to revive the regional economy. The target audience of the project are shops, restaurants, educational institutions, transport and tourist facilities.

To complete the implementation of the product, the company conducted various studies using blockchain technology through partnerships with various enterprises, including those operating in the railway sector, telecommunications, trade and so on. The project was also tested in one of the branches of the Taiwanese FamilyMart store. Here, the platform was used for transactions and storage of tokens.

Recall that not so long ago, the company launched a research blockchain in Belgium, the main purpose of which is to promote research and projects related to blockchain technology.

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