Gemini And NASDAQ Will Work Together

Gemini - a successful crypto exchange - loudly reminded of itself, announcing the forthcoming partnership with the NASDAQ exchange. Who needs it and why?

The main idea of ​​such cooperation is that Gemini will borrow one of NASDAQ technologies - SMARTS, for monitoring of trading pairs, as well as for monitoring what is happening at the Gemini auction. Such surveillance will be conducted in real time, which should help in the analysis of behavior patterns on crypto market.

SMARTS technology has proven itself as a tidbit, which has managed to assess such giants among the crypto exchanges, like Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) or holding Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

Expectations of Cameron Winklevoss (one of the creators of Gemini) are quite optimistic, because this union will help the market to act according to the rules (according to him). The agreement is an agreement, but I'd rather see the result. What else will this cooperation bring to the crypto industry?