How American Students Earn Cryptocurrency, Living in Dormitories

Patrick Cines, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, recently said that he was able to passively earn a cryptocurrency throughout the entire bachelor's degree program. For this, in the room of the student dormitory, he installed a mining farm. According to him, the equipment installed in the living quarters didn't interfere with living in any way. The only problem was that the mining farm generated "unbearable" airflows. At the same time, he managed to solve this problem. In order to release hot air from the dorm room, he bought the drying pipes and attached them to the front of his mining farm.

At the same time, he notes that excessive heat and high energy costs aren't the only problems associated with the crypto mining. A serious problem was malicious software, which without his knowledge, could capture part of the computing resources and carry out hidden mining.

Despite certain risks, the extraction of digital assets is common in university campuses. According to a study by Vectra, almost all of the eleven campuses of the University of Pennsylvania have identified security equipment for mining. Experts believe that this indicator is very bad, because by means of the mining equipment installed in the rooms, hackers have the ability to carry out attacks already on the server of the university.

According to Patrick Cines, mining allowed to pay for part of the study. So, in total, the mining of the cryptocurency brought him about 10 thousand US dollars. On average, annual study costs 47 thousand dollars.

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