ICO Raised $8.3 Billion in the Last Quarter

In the second quarter of this year, ICOs broke all previous records and managed to raise $8.3 billion. But even with an absolute record, the number of broken projects also increased. The independent ICO analysis portal (ICORating) analyzed the situation and concluded that in the second quarter, 55% of the ICO failed to realize itself, which is 5% higher than the first quarter of 2018. But this didn't stop investors from continuing to invest ICO, so the total amount of raised funds increased from $3.3 billion (the first quarter indicator) to $8.3 billion (the second quarter indicator). In the course of the analysis, ICORating concluded that "the overall quality of the projects has deteriorated significantly"

In addition, it was noted that 57% of the ICO is aimed at raising funds even at the development stage. But such projects have declared themselves very unsuccessfully, because most of them attracted the lowest amount of funding. As it was noted in the report:

“The highest percentage of unsuccessful ICOs in terms of product readiness arose from projects at the idea stage. 58% of such projects failed to raise more than half a million dollars.”

Most investors were more willing to invest money in MVP projects, that is, those that already had minimal vitality and which could be comprehended visually. And the most popular areas for investment were finance and blockchain, despite the fact that the number of projects related to the gaming industry compared to the first quarter, has doubled.

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