India's telecommunications regulator will use blockade to combat spam

Telecommunications regulator of India (TRAI), will use blockchain technology to protect against telephone spam. This initiative is the first of its kind and will allow you to combat unwanted calls and SMS. Based on the information published in its report TRAI, to date, India's subscriber base has reached 1.19 billion users at the end of last year.

Using the technology of blockchain, the telecommunications controller of India will be able to obtain data on the contacts of millions of users. This is necessary to ensure data confidentiality. Information will become available only under certain conditions, to registered market participants.

According to R.S. Sharma, who chairs the TRAI, the problem that will solve their project is of a massive nature. He stated this during his press conference, at which the project was presented.

"Blockchain can provide solutions to two major problems - data confidentiality and record keeping. Only those members who are authorized will be able to access personal data of subscribers. The telecommunications controller of India will be the first to solve the problem."

It is also interesting that the project stipulates the need for the user to give his consent before receiving absolutely any message. Only blockchain technology allows you to implement this. Also, all communication between subscribers and companies working in the field of mobile communication services will be recorded in the database.

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