Justin Sun presented a new query tool

Justin Sun, who is the CEO and founder of the Tron Foundation, posted an ad on his Twitter that issues a query tool for all Tron addresses with TRX tokens that have been frozen. Last month, the Tron Foundation blocked 33,251,807,424 TRXs for 1000 different addresses that were created during TRON's launch of Mainnet Launch. In order for TRONICS to look for addresses more conveniently and a new tool was created.

All tokens will remain frozen until January 1, 2021, but until then they are managed by an independent group called the Tron Independence Group [TIG]. The group was given the authority to manage frozen assets in order to reduce risks. TIG's responsibilities will also include work to create a decentralized community.

The new tool allows the Tron platform community to simplify address search. Using the tool that Justin shared, you can see the address list, the total number of tokens, and the estimated time to keep the tokens frozen. The tool provides 2 key features: scanning of the QR-code of all addresses and sending tokens by a simple push of a button. In addition, the community is provided with complete information about the transaction: the addresses from which and to which the tokens were transferred, as well as the transaction amount. For all frozen tokens, information about the balance of tokens, transactions, created blocks, etc. will also be recorded.