Litecoin [LTC] into high business? Cannabis delivery now accepting cryptocurrency

Weedmaps is an online marijuana community, which also delivers cannabis. They call themselves as:

“Hello! We are a small private delivery service in the downtown LA area and we love Litecoin.”

According to this small ‘Hodler’, they consider the idea of accepting Litecoin for payments, because it’s quick and it allows them to confirm payments from both parties [seller and buyer] within a few minutes, and hence it’s perfect and safe to collect payments before an order is delivered.

They also stated:

“Unfortunately no one has used it yet :/ We are looking for someone to do the inaugural transaction!”

The only requirements to register as a user on Weedmaps, as mentioned by their handle are:

  • Be 21+ with ID or 18+ with a VALID Medical Card
  • Have Litecoin [or a few other coins but they prefer Litecoin]

They also offer a 10% discount on all crypto transactions and for the first sign up on their portal would get a 50% discount. A few hours after posting this advertisement on Reddit they again commented stating:

“AND WE HAVE SUCCESS! Reddit community and more specifically the litecoin community came through! We had our first successful litcoin payment today! So real world data on the speed of Litecoin over Bitcoin..We had the order from an existing customer about an hour before the Litecoin order came in. We started processing the bitcoin transaction and it STILL HASN’T FULLY CONFIRMED . This is over 2 hours at the time of writing this… on to Litecoin ? 5 minutes! yes 5 minutes and we were ready to rock and had a driver otw while the bitcoin is still processing. This right here is why I (and hopefully most of you) support and believe in Litecoin as the future of currency!”

Weedmaps’ founder and CEO, Justin Hartfield, in 2015, did not like the idea of Bitcoin as he didn’t think it will help grow the marijuana industry. He had told CCN:

“Here’s the thing – say you sell a bunch of weed, and your customers pay you in Bitcoin, How the heck are you gonna cash out millions of digital coins into tens of millions of United States Dollars? Bitcoin is just a technology, but in its early phase, it is still too nascent to ask for the cannabis industry to adopt.”


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