Mizuho Will Sponsor The Creation Of The First Blockchain Space In Japan

Mizuho, ​​one of Japan's largest banks, will sponsor the creation of Neutrino, the country's first blockchain space, which was founded in Etiseum.

It should be noted that the first blockchain space in the country was created in Tokyo in March this year. The project sees further cooperation with the "giants" of the crypto industry, including with the creator of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. Last year, the project was held by the ICO, during which it was able to raise 25 million US dollars.

The created space is focused on the implementation of research in the field of blockchain and digital currencies. The work carried out within the framework of the project will improve business and the provision of services through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

The project site says the following:

"Neutrino is working to create a prosperous community by uniting entrepreneurs, businessmen, regulators and other representatives of the cryptocurrency market in it. In the space there will be held thematic events, meetings and seminars dedicated to cryptocurrencies."

Mizuho views the blockchain as a decentralized type of technology that could have a transformative impact on the industry. In addition to sponsoring the blockchain space, the Japanese bank will also act as a long-term tenant of coworking, which will work to develop promising lines of business.

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