One of largest cryptoexchange Kraken leaves the Japanese market

Recently, one of the largest cryptoexchange exchanges in the world, Kraken, which was founded in the United States, announced the termination of services in Japan. Representatives of the exchange assured that this applies only to people who live directly in the country. For citizens of Japan, who are geographically located elsewhere, nothing will change.

There were no official statements about the reasons, but it can be assumed that this is due to the strengthening of state regulation. Another weighty reason may be the frank lack of popularity of the Kraken exchange in Japan. For example, as of today, the daily trading volume in the bitcoin / Japanese yen pair was only $165,298, which is a very small indicator for any stock exchange.

The Kraken exchange assured that the suspension of work in Japan will help focus on other markets, which will increase the level of service provided in other countries of the world.