Opera Plans to Launch a Cryptocurrency Wallet for the Desktop Version of the Browser

The developers of Opera today are pleased with the new press release, which talks about the upcoming launch of the cryptocurrency wallet for the desktop version of its software. Recall that this summer the company has already managed to integrate a similar wallet into the mobile version of its browser. In July, a closed beta testing of the product was launched. While such a purse supports working with the ethereum and some collectible items of a certain standard.

After such innovation was met with a lot of positive feedback, the developers decided not to stop there and expand the capabilities of the desktop version. Integration of cryptowallet into the browser version for computers will solve at once 2 main tasks.

First, users will no longer need to install a special extension that allows them to work with cryptocurrencies. For a full-fledged work it will be enough to link the mobile version of the wallet to the browser via QR code. This system has already been used by Opera before to synchronize desktop and mobile applications.

Secondly, it significantly increases the level of protection of the wallet and simplifies the life of users. Using the link between the mobile and desktop versions, users store all their passwords and data on the phone, rather than on a centralized server, and also get the opportunity to conduct transactions on the phone, simply confirming them with a fingerprint without entering long passwords, etc.

"By adding a cryptocurrency wallet directly to the PC version of the browser, we eliminate the need to install complex extensions and cryptocurrency applications," commented Charles Hamel (developer of Opera Crypto).

He also added that:

"The presentation of the desktop version of the browser of the cryptocurrency industry is the next step of the Opera team on the way to making digital assets and Web 3.0 mainstream."

All this, according to the developers, will be only part of a large-scale program to increase the functionality of the software Opera.

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