Results of August

- Nobel prize winner in economics Paul Krugman expressed skepticism about cryptocurrencies

Paul Krugman, who is a Nobel prize winner in economics, stated that his position on the value of cryptocurrencies is skeptical. He believes that in the near future there will be a collapse of digital assets. Such possibility, in his opinion, is explained by the fact that cryptocurrencies are characterized by high transaction costs. In addition, the scientist believes that digital assets aren't tied to anything, unlike fiat money.

- Wikipedia founder: we are not interested in ICO

Jimmy Wales, the founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, said that his online platform has never planned and doesn't plan to conduct an ICO. He also noted that they have no plans to develop their own cryptocurrency. This statement was made during his speech at the blockchain forum in Berlin.

- SBI will invest $9 million in the cryptocurrency platform

SBI Holdings, a Japanese "giant" of financial services, announced its intention to invest $9 million in one of the digital market architects - Clear Markets. They decided to finance the creation of a cryptocurrency trading platform that will be targeted at corporate investors. As it became known this month, SBI Crypto Investment received a 12% stake in Clear Markets (Charlotte, North Carolina). In addition, the company has its offices in such metropolitan areas as New York, London and Tokyo. Despite the fact that the specific terms of the deal aren't disclosed, the publication says that it is at least 1 billion yen, which is equivalent to $9 million.

- The Philippines will regard tokens issued in ICO as securities

The Philippines is close to adopting new legislation that regulates the legal aspects of the ICO. As for now, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published a draft law regulating ICOs. Particularly, the legislation assumes that cryptocurrency tokens that were issued within the ICO should be regarded as securities.

- IPO on the London Stock Exchange attracted 32.5 million US dollars

On the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was held the first IPO and cryptocurrency company Argo Mining managed to attract about 25 million pounds sterling, which is equivalent to $32 million.

- Ex-CEO PayPal: cryptocurrencies are a "cult" that doesn't have a future

Bill Harris, who is the ex-CEO of PayPal, during his interview on CNBC said that the cryptocurrencies are a "cult" that won't have future. Discussions on bitcoin and other digital assets took place during television program. According to Harris, cryptocurrencies are one of the "greatest" scams. Such a statement caused a storm of emotions among representatives of the cryptocurrency community.

- People massively buy bitcoin in Turkey

Currency crisis is growing in Turkey. In order to at least somehow preserve the existing capital, the citizens of the country began to massively buy bitcoin. In particular, Bloomberg published data on the relatively low level of volatility of this digital asset. The publication allowed to depict the devaluation of the Turkish national currency.