Results of the Week 03.09.2018-09.09.2018

- Japanese financial regulator tightens requirements for crypto exchanges

The Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA), this week announced its intention to complicate the registration process for crypto exchanges. The FSA has amended the legislation on payment services, which has been in effect since April last year. Such amendments are explained by the verification of how well trading crypto exchanges manage risk. It should also be noted that the financial regulator has added several new items to the existing legislation. Thus, the number of questions asked when screening applications increased by about four times.

- Regulatory body of Thailand will remove bitcoins from criminal cases

The anti-money-laundering agency in Thailand, announced its intention to consider closing the loophole, during which cybercriminals face certain consequences of their actions, with the exception of the seizure of the cryptocurrency that they own. According to the representative of the Thailand Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), the government agency intends to develop its own cryptocurrency wallet, which will allow to combat the crimes related to the bitcoin and other digital assets. The agency believes that crypto wallet will allow state agencies to withdraw the proceeds from crimes that are related to cryptocurrencies.

- In the Japanese city of Tsukuba, the voting system implemented on blockchain was tested

In the city of Tsukuba (Japan), north from Tokyo, a voting system was tested, which was developed using blockchain technology. It should be noted that earlier, to participate in voting, it was necessary to have a 12-digit identification number, which was issued to all citizens of the country, as well as to persons legally residing in Japan.

- The Supreme Court of Greece gives to Russia the alleged owner of the crypto exchange BTC-e

The Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece issued an order for the extradition of the alleged owner of the previously very popular trading crypto exchange BTC-e. It's about Alexander Vinnik. The official decision to extradite Vinnik to the Russian Federation should be published on September 14. If he is extradited to Russia, he will be charged with fraud in the Internet.

- China: Laboratory of the Central Bank Launches Research Center

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) announced its intention to expand the activities of the Digital Currency Laboratory outside the capital. So, it was announced about the opening of the research fintech center in Nanjing, the capital of the eastern province of Jiangsu. The opening of such centers is aimed at supporting the testing of the People's Bank of China in the issue of the developed prototype of the cryptocurrency.

- The Australian regulator will apply the new rules of financial markets for cryptocurrency trading platforms

The highest Australian financial regulator was announced about the application of a new approach in the regulation of crypto exchangeі. In addition, it is planned to tighten control over ICOs. In the corporate plan for 2018-2022, the Australian Commission on Securities and Investments outlined the main activities. The main task is to monitor threats from new products, including digital assets and ICO.