Results of the Week 06.08.2018 - 12.08.2018

Australian entrepreneur will launch a crypto bank

26-year-old Australian businessman Fred Shebest, who is the founder of, announced its intention to open a cryptocurrency bank. The entrepreneur believes that the current interest in the cryptocurrency market is growing and therefore, in the future will not do without an institution that must solve the problem of digital assets. Information on plans to open a cryptocurrency bank, he announced during one of his interviews.

Canaccord: Decision about bitcoin-ETF will be postponed until 2019

In the last cryptocurrency report of the welfare manager Canaccord Genuity, it is said that the long-awaited endorsement of bitcoin-ETF is most likely not to be taken until 2019. The report also highlighted the problem of bitcoin-ETF, which the crypto community hoped for with the approval of VanEck and SolidX companies for their own cryptocurrency products.

Bitmain Technologies opens a mining center in Texas

Bitmain Technologies plans to open a data center for processing blockchain data and a mining center in Texas. The center will be located on the territory of the former coal-fired power plant. According to the company, the project should be a key component of strategic plans to expand the company's operations in the North American region.

Accenture patented the hardware to increase the speed of blockchain transactions

Accenture has filed a patent application, which offers hardware to improve the speed and security of blockchain transactions. The application is referred to as the "Hardware Blockchain Acceleration". The document details the technology that allows you to increase the speed of transactions in the blockchain.

Over the last quarter, ICO-projects attracted 8.3 billion US dollars

The second quarter of this year broke the record in the issue of raising the amount on ICO-projects. Thus, this indicator reached a mark of 8.3 billion US dollars. At the same time, the number of "burst" projects has also increased. The data was published by the independent ICORating portal. It was determined that in the second quarter of this year, the number compared to the first quarter are increased by 5%.

The World Bank will launch blockchain bonds

The World Bank issued an order for the Commonwealth Bank, which refers to the world's first blockchain bond. The project should use a private blockchain based on Ethereum. The bond should become the first in the world and be created through distributed ledger technology.