Results of the Week 13.08.2018 - 19.08.2018

- Tokyo Stock Exchange is concerned about the appearance of cryptocurrencies in the market

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) positively refers to the fact that new foreign companies appear on the Japanese market. However, if we are talking about the company from the sphere of cryptocurrency, the situation is fundamentally changing. In particular, TSE negatively reacted to the market entry of Noah Ark Technologies. As you know, it plans to launch a trading crypto exchange in the country and conduct an ICO.

- Turkish citizens buy Bitcoin

Against the backdrop of the currency crisis in Turkey, citizens of the country are actively investing in bitcoin. Note that the publication Bloomberg published data on the low level of volatility bitcoin. This allowed us to depict the complete devaluation of the Turkish national currency.

- Venezuela to launch a cryptocurrency bank

The National Assembly of Venezuela announced its intention to launch a central cryptocurrency bank in the country. This information was voiced by one of the representatives of the parliament. As is known to date, the government plans to reform the constitution, with a view to ensuring the normal operation of banks. Once the central bank is launched, the country will be the first in the world, with the establishment of this species. As you know, the Venezuelan government is aimed at ensuring the development of the cryptocurrency market.

- WEX Currency Exchange has added new currencies

Despite the negative news regarding the WEX trading platform and, in general, the understanding that soon it will close, new currencies have been added to it. Recall that not so long ago it became known about the sale of a cryptocurrency exchange to the ex-militiaman of the DNR - "sailor". The former owner of the trading platform, Dmitry Vasilyev, calls this the seizure of his business.

- British crypto futures platform will issue contracts for Bitcoin Cash

Crypto Facilities, a crypto futures company, announced its intention to be one of the partners for the largest North American financial derivatives market. CME Group announced about adding to the list of offered products - contracts for Bitcoin Cash. It is worth mentioning that the issue of new contracts has been coordinated with the UK Financial Supervision Authority.