Results of the Week 27.08.2018-02.09.2018

- The Prime Minister of Malta was involved in a cryptocurrency scandal

The Prime Minister of Malta, who also gained fame as one of the major politicians who advocate the active development of crypto-currency and blockchain technology, was at the center of a fraudulent scandal. So, on his behalf an account was created in Instagram, which collected money allegedly for investing in digital assets. As it turned out, the Prime Minister of Malta knew nothing about this. It is interesting that other politicians of the island state were also subscribed to the account.

- The Central Bank of India has formed a department responsible for blockchain development

The Central Bank of India announced about the intention to produce the unit, which is devoted to research related to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. According to the available information, the project will be implemented by specialists of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Previously, the financial institution launched a mandate to conduct research and create new legislation for similar technical solutions.

- North Korea mines bitcoin and plans to launch a crypto exchange

In one of the published reports of the state development bank of South Korea (KDB) it is said that North Korea mines digital assets. In addition, the country's technology company plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in the near future. However, the report says that the citizens of North Korea themselves know very little about digital assets.

- Coinbase research: 42 of the top 50 universities in the world offer directions related to digital assets and blockchain technology

The study, which was published by specialists from Coinbase, says that 42 of the top 50 universities in the world have at least one area of ​​education related to digital assets and blockchain technology. Note that this study was carried out jointly with the company Qriously. As part of the work, 675 American students were interviewed.

- The European Union will discuss the issue of further regulating cryptocurrency in conditions of transparency

The Ministers of Economics and Finance of the 28 countries of the European Union will meet at an informal meeting on the issues of cryptocurrency. In particular, the issue of toughening of the legislation in the matter of regulating digital assets will be raised.