SBI Holdings Invests in the Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange LastRoots

SBI Holdings - the investment division of the Japanese financial giant SBI Group is carrying out a new round of investments in the cryptocurrency trading platform, which is under the control of the financial regulator of the country. Representatives of the investment company said that SBI Holdings is increasing its share on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange LastRoots. This will be achieved through undisclosed investments, which were received at the end of last year. According to the statement, the main task of investment is to help the crypto exchange marketplace improve all internal business processes and become a fully licensed place for cryptocurrency trading.

Earlier it was reported that the LastRoots exchange was one of several unlicensed trading platforms, which was tested by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). The Office issued a number of recommendations for improving the performance of crypto exchanges. First of all, they are aimed at protecting users from potential cyber threats.

Representatives of SBI Holdings also noted that they will soon provide their employees with support for the LastRoots crypto exchange. Their work will consist in developing internal risk management systems, as well as combating money laundering.

This news came after it became known that the BOO exchange was officially offering trading services after receiving a license from the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). This exchange was one of the first to receive a license from the FSA.

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