SIX Exchange Positive on ICO, but not Cryptocurrency

A representative of the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX, Thomas Zeb (CEO of Securities Division), gave an interview in which he mentioned that his company doesn't panier to launch a crypto exchange.

As he noted, the cryptocurrencies for the company at the moment are "not priority," because there are already a lot of platforms that provide similar ones with access to bitcoin. He didn't ignore the problems of bitcoins with a reputation, saying that everything that feeds the bitcoin is only hope and hype around him.

Nevertheless, despite the distrust of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, Thomas expressed quite optimistic about the ICOs. The very concept of digital assets is very promising and will soon "densely enter our life", or rather - to observe the mass distribution of tokens produced through ICO, it will be possible to see "in about 5 years".

In his interview, Zeb conducted several comparisons. Thus, under its comparative analysis, there appeared cryptocurrencies and derivative trade. According to his observations, the cryptocurrencies today correspond to the same level of development that derivatives had in the 90s. And if it takes about 30 years for the world to accept derivatives, then this process of cryptocurrency is much faster.

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