Swiss Airline Launches Blockchain For Cargo Transportation

On May 29, the news agency Air Cargo News announced that the Swiss airline Swissport is planning to launch an experimental cargo transportation program in the near future. Handling of goods will be carried out using blockchain technology. It should be noted that the program will be launched jointly with Olam. She is known as a major developer of blockchain projects that have open source code.

New standards for cargo transportation

A representative of Swissport, which is responsible for the direction of global cargo transportation, reported that the introduction of blockchain technology will improve the processing of operations, as well as provide data protection. Commenting on the speedy launch of the project, the airline representative also noted:

"Due to the strong growth in the distribution of blockchain technology, the new system will eliminate the lack of transparency, which is a characteristic feature in the logistics of cargo transportation. Thus, the introduction of technology will change the standard of the entire industry."

Together with the cargo handling operations, the company also plans to use its pilot program for the links of its own business, in the field of passenger transportation. It is planned that specialists from Winding Tree can work for the work. As you know, she specializes in logistics of cargo transportation. It is also expected to introduce innovative innovative technologies for processing routes for tourist purposes. In particular, access to airport information.

Florian Eggenshwiler, who oversees the company's innovations, said:

"We believe that the implementation of blockchain technology will bring substantial financial benefits. In the future, this will ensure the improvement of the industry. The implemented project has all chances to change the traditional scheme of interaction between service providers, partners of companies and customers. We have the final goal, which is to get acquainted with innovative technologies in their initial stages. In the future, this will provide a clearer picture of how the blockchain technology will work in the aviation industry. "

Distribution of blockchain technology in the logistics field

Recently, there has been a positive trend towards this technology and its use in the logistics field. For example, the American company Norfolk Southern, which works in the field of transportation, announced that it plans to use blockchain in its work. The ultimate goal of their work is popularization and development of blockchain-applications, used in the field of transport and logistics.

Last month, representatives of Walmart also stated that they plan to use innovative developments of this type in the food sector. In their view, such solutions will reduce the amount of waste and increase transparency.

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