Synchronized Trading

Synchronized trading (or ST) is a popular means of earning for many traders. Some have found it an effective method for attracting capital, others are cautious, suspecting that this is only a way to merge their entire deposit.

The main task of the ST is to give the user the opportunity to earn, even without having particularly outstanding skills in crypto trading. Of course, this is not free cheese (which happens only in a mousetrap), it is a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. For whom specifically - we will tell now.

The basic rules of the game in synchronized trading

The client, who wants to try himself in this kind of tradin, trusts to conduct trades for experienced crypto traders. The traders can't cash out the balance of the client, and it is not profitable for them to merge it into nowhere, because the earnings of such a trader depend on the profit that his actions brought to the client. Under the action is meant to conduct trading on behalf of the client.
For the client, all this can be limited to several rules that almost completely describe the whole essence of such a crypto trading:

Customer's funds are customer's funds. He does not owe anything to anyone, and therefore there is no need to transfer money to the trader, it's enough to entrust access through special APIs that are available to those who provide services on ST portals. It is necessary that there be a financial base for trading, but the trader did not have access to the withdrawal of the client's funds.

There are risks, but they are compensated. Of course, to say that this is a win-win method of earning, we will not. There are always chances to merge, but a team of experienced traders should compensate for the risks of transactions.

The client doesn't make decisions on conducting trade. But he can control his deposit. You can always refuse and quit the game, saving the desired amount.

Statistics on the side of the ST. Most of all, this service is profit statistics on the profit, which it receives customers. Depends on the service that is used, of course.

Who does not want to sit, reading fresh cryptonews, while traders sweat the bargains, and your profit grows and grows. Does it sound too good to be true? But so far it is. On this is not earned a single state, so maybe it's time for you to try out a miracle method called "synchronized trading."