Tencent will Fight for Security of Blockchain

Technology giant Tencent has teamed up with the Chinese government improve the security of blockchain technology. It is worth noting that the vice-president of the company, Bin Ma, in his statement announced the creation of the China Securitychain Security Alliance. This message appeared during his speech at the China Blockchain Security Forum held in Beijing.

According to media reports, the forum organized by the Chinese Technology Trade Association (CTMA) is designed to bring together organizations to ensure the protection of the "healthy development of the blockchain industry".

China Blockchain Security Alliance will consist of a branch of Tencent, China Research Blockchain Center, CTMA, as well as twenty public and private institutions.

Recall that in April this year, one of China's representatives announced that law enforcement agencies successfully identified a Ponzi scheme, which worked with the use of a blockchain. The platform was able to attract more than 13 thousand participants and thereby, for 17 days, attracted about 13 million US dollars.

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