The British Brokerage Company Already Managed To Test Ripple Technology

They have tested the xRapid, which is based on XRP and was developed by the startup Ripple. The British company Currencies Direct, whose activities are related to the purchase/sale of foreign currencies, said that with the help of xRapid, they were already able to make several money transfers. Time for the operation took only a couple of seconds instead of the traditional 5 days.

Currencies Direct spokesman Brian Harris was extremely optimistic in his statements and called the project "a loud success." It is to be assumed that the use of XRP in the company's work can significantly improve the procedure for conducting transactions and will transfer customer service to a new level.

"Our task is to provide the best service. We believe that the use of cryptocurrency as a means of transmission, rather than the storage of values, will be the next logical step that can help to develop our industry. It is this application that is the direct destination of cryptocurrency, and we can be proud of the fact that we will introduce new technology in order to make our service problem free and most convenient for customers, "such a statement was made by Harris.

Perhaps this is truly a "revolutionary step for the industry" and Ripple.

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