The FedEx Institute of Technology Go into Pharmacology

The Technological Institute of FedEx announced the forthcoming cooperation with the pharmacological network Good Shepherd Pharmacy. They plan to jointly develop an entire infrastructure, using the idea based on blockchain. It will help patients with cancer to get medicine.

The FedEx Institute of Technology has already established itself as an organization engaged in research in the field of new technologies in tandem with the University of Memphis. At this time, Good Shepherd Pharmacy is trying to make drugs more affordable for cancer patients who are unable to pay for them. For safe and confidential work, it is necessary to provide a separate infrastructure, this is what the REMEDI project (REclaiming MEDicine) will do. In its framework, valuable unused drugs will be given to people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to purchase them themselves. Blockchain also will be used to make sure of the security and transparency of the system, because somebody's life may depend on it.

Not so long ago, in May, FedEx CEO Fred Smith said that the blockchain technology is designed to change the world for the better. Pharmaceuticals are not the first area that the company has become interested in. They have already been spotted in the transportation sector, planning to change the supply chain around the world.

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