The Hardfork Of Bitcoin Cash Is Exprected On May, 15

In just s month, on May 15, the updated version of the Bitcoin Cash network consensus protocol should be activated. According to Bitcoin ABC developers, the key task of the hardfork should be to increase the block size to 32 MB, which almost 4 times more than the current limit.

Among other innovations, it is worth noting an increase in the limit of data storage in the service field of the Op_Return opcode transaction to 220 bytes.

The new version of the code is already available for download by crypto users. In the nearest future, it is planned to launch a test network to test its performance. The developers recommended that users supporting the Bitcoin Cash node update to version 0.17.0.

"Bitcoin ABC is taking steps to communicate with large exchanges and purse providers. We will be happy to receive any help in the ongoing efforts. You can also help by contacting exchanges, wallet providers and other ecosystem participants, and informing them about the need to update their software or launch an updated version of Bitcoin ABC or other compatible software, "the developers said in a statement to their users.

It is assumed that the network consensus protocol will be updated when the average time stamp of the last 11 blocks is not less than 1526400000.