The Hong Kong Office of the KuCoin Crypto Exchange Doesn't Exist

Recently it became known about the history of Jackson Wong from Hong Kong, who was skeptical about the activities of the KuCoin exchange. Previously, he repeatedly stated that the company's office in Hong Kong doesn't existent. To prove this, he decided to visit the address where the Hong Kong branch of the trading platform was registered. At the same time, having arrived there, he found only insignificant signs that the activity of the crypto exchange can be conducted here.

Wong's fears were based on the fact that he had never seen coverage of the activities of crypto exchange in the media. And this despite the fact that representatives of KuCoin announced the opening of the unit in Hong Kong. He also expressed concern that KuCoin didn't receive a license to trade cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong. As a result, Jackson Wong decided to visit the office to find out how much his suspicions are true.

The "investigation" was carried out with photographs. Arriving at the building where the office is supposedly located, he took a photo with a list of all the companies that are here. There was no mention of KuCoin office. Having risen on the twentieth floor of the building, he saw a sign with the inscription "Smart Team International Business Ltd.". By the way, this inscription is very similar to the secret company KuCoin, formerly referred to as "Smart Team Secretarial Ltd.". At the conclusion of the "investigation" Wong concluded that the company in question is really on the twentieth floor of the building. At the same time, to find employees of Smart Team International Business Ltd. failed, since the company moved from this address several years ago.

At the end of the published post, the following is stated:

"Since KuCoin is completely in stealth, and you couldn’t find them in their registered ‘office’, nor is there even a single person in their ‘office’, if KuCoin decides to exit scam on us — either by withholding our withdrawals or simply by shutting down their entire exchange and run with our money —we will have absolutely no recourse."