The New Cardano Website Describes Non-Interactive Proof Of Work

The company Cardano, has become famous for the advantages of a group of researchers and developers. One of them even created a resource that allows you to familiarize yourself with the features that the Proof-of-Work protocol has. They explained a new concept called "non-interactive proof of work" (NIPoPoWs).

NIPoPoWs: use of blockchain and support

NIPoPoWs are short autonomous lines that allow a computer program to check the process for the presence of events in the blockchain, with evidence of operability without connecting to the network and, accordingly, without downloading all the headers. This evidence can be applied in cryptocurrency payments. They create efficient mobile wallets, and also allow the links to communicate and interact with each other, following the example API.

Proof of the chain, can be developed only if the blockchain supports NIPoPoWs. Support can be enabled without using a "soft" or "hard" plug, and without the approval of the miner

Principle of operation

The basic idea is that there is no need to provide the entire set of blocks in the network. More detailed information about the installation and the process of interconnection can be found in the technical documentation posted on the project website.

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